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Meet Chef Jason

Born and raised in Portsmouth, Va, growing up, I would spend my time between the shores of Virginia Beach and the sands of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. What I did not see at the moment, was how the influences of southern flavors and cuisine would stay with me throughout my life and later influence the trajectory of my path. After serving in the United States Air Force in Clinical Laboratory Science, I made a huge go from Microbiologist to "Eat'ologist". My culinary journey would really begin in Boston, Massachusetts after hanging up my military boots for an apron and chef's knife. My passion for life has always coalesced around people and my medicine has always been food. I LIVE for stories about my friends and their upbringing and how the food they ate helped shape who they are. Flavor can be personal and bring with it many different emotions. When flavor and emotions collide, we create amazing memories. Let that collision be what brings us all together.

Meet the Chef

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