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Meet Chef Jason

 I was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia by my amazing parents. My mother and father were the true "Farm to Table" pioneers in my eyes and they did so with ease, creativity, and passion. Whether my mother was frying up freshly caught fish by any one of the Jernigan men or stewing freshly cut okra from the garden, she was always creating dishes in the kitchen. Meanwhile, my father could be found grilling, shucking oysters, or steaming blue crabs in the backyard. It felt like every day was an episode of "Chopped."  I was always intrigued by the excitement of not knowing what we were having for our next family meal.  My passion for food grew exponentially through watching my parents hard work to sustain a family of six. Their creative nature and effortless approach to new dishes would later transform how I perceived food and would place me on a path of culinary discovery. 



Collaborative Cuisine

Experience food on all fronts! Join Chefs Jason and Welley as we create an immersive culinary experience for you and your guests. Whether making hand-made cavatelli or pickling vegetables for our asian style steamed buns, there is an experience for everyone!

Cooking Lessons

Food is what connects us all. Don't be perpetually HANGRY because you're scared of the kitchen! Learn a little more about the cuisine you love and sign up for cooking lessons with Chef Style Boston. Oh, and fill your stomach with amazing food while you learn!

In Knead of More Dough

Join Chef Jason and the CSB team to explore, create, and EAT, all things dough. From the first rise of the bread to the rolling out of the pasta dough, this is an ALL NIGHT carbohydrate event.

*yoga pants recommended* 


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Campaign 2019-2020 


More than 12 million children in the United States live in "food insecure" homes. That phrase may sound mild, but it means that those households don't have enough food for every family member to lead a healthy life.

"What an amazing evening. Jason and Welley exceeded all of my expectations! Amazing food and charismatic & professional chefs...AND I am certain they left the kitchen cleaner than they found it!"

-Terri Parnell

Belmont, MA

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Tel: 617.459.5507  |  Email:


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